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Find My Dream Neighborhood

You can’t find perfect home until you find the perfect neighborhood. Here’s how to find your dream neighborhood!

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Let Foley Properties help make buying a home in a good neighborhood easy. With our guidance, you’ll find your dream house in no time!

Look for Friendly People

Fun amenities and convenience can only do so much for a neighborhood. It’s the people that really make a neighborhood feel like home. You may not know anyone in a particular town or city when you move there. But the friendliness of the people in the area will help determine how quickly you will be able to build relationships.

If you like a house in the area, don’t just look at the house. Go for a walk around town or check out some of the local stores. Are people friendly? Do they greet you? If you feel comfortable, it could turn out to be the perfect neighborhood for you and your family!

Think about the Convenience

Most people take the closeness of work or family into consideration when buying a home. But it can be the simple conveniences that make a big difference in the long run. Think about how close a home is to grocery stores and restaurants. If you’re a big shopper, are there nearby malls or fashion outlets? Make sure that any home you want is close enough to some of these basic necessities.

Research Organized Activities

Many towns and neighborhoods have fun organized activities for the whole community to enjoy. This gives your family something fun to do and is a great way for you to meet new people. Look at local community websites and view the scheduled activities. Can you see yourself enjoying the activities listed? If you can, it’s one more great reason why you should live there!

Find Out About the Quality of the Schools

If you have kids, checking out the schools in the area should be at the top of your list. Take a look at academics and after-school programs. If you need extra help getting the details on an area’s schools, check out and SchoolDigger. And, don’t just look at the schools that are your kids’ current grade levels. If you’re planning on staying in a neighborhood for a while, you should choose a place where your kids can grow up in a good school district.



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