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Illinois Is An Amazing Place to Live—Here’s Why!

Are you moving to Illinois? Moving to a new city can be intimidating, especially if it’s in an entirely different state. But if you have a few things to look forward to, the move can go so much more smoothly. Here are 7 great reasons why you should be excited about living in Illinois!

1. You’ll Get to Explore One of the Best Cities in the US

Even if you don’t live in Chicago, the Windy City alone is a great reason to live in Illinois! Because the city is on Lake Michigan, there are incredible views. Whether you love shopping, the arts, sports, the great outdoors, or all of the above, you’ll never tire of things to do in this incredible city. If you’re moving with your family, there are lots of fun activities for all ages. Some of the best attractions include the Art Institute of Chicago, the Shedd Aquarium, and the Chicago Opera Theater.

2. It’s Home to a Variety of Sports Teams

Illinois takes its sports very seriously. Whether you’re a baseball fan, a basketball lover, or football enthusiast, you can find your sport of choice in Illinois! Support the Cubs or White Sox on the field. Watch the Chicago Bulls on the court. Then cheer on the Chicago Bears on the football field. These are just the pro sports—there are plenty of college and amateur athletics. Whether you’re watching or playing, you’ll love the Illinois sports culture!

3. And, It’s Home to Some Great Food

Of course, you’ve heard of (and hopefully tasted!) Chicago’s deep-dish pizza. But Illinois has so many other great foods to offer. As an agricultural state, there’s local farm-fresh food everywhere! Whether you’re craving a farm-to-table meal, a fine dining experience or some good street food, your taste buds will be thrilled with moving to Illinois.

4. There are So Many Places to Shop

Online shopping has nothing on Illinois’s shopping centers! You’ll find many great fashion outlets and malls all over Illinois. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Chicago, Naperville, Oak Brook, Galena, or another Illinois town/city. There are plenty of places to indulge in some hardcore retail therapy.

5. The Nature is Breathtaking

If you love spending your free time outdoors, Illinois is sure to please! No matter what season it is, there’s always something fun to do. Whether you’re hiking, exploring a park, biking, or just going on a nature walk, Illinois’ views will not disappoint. Also, there are four beautiful seasons here. You can expect snow in the winter, flowers in the spring, green grass everywhere in the summer, and gorgeous autumn colors.

6. The Architecture is Stunning

Maybe nature isn’t as much your thing as architecture. You’re in luck! Illinois is a hotspot for breathtaking buildings in a wide variety of architectural styles. From the Willis Tower to the Unity Temple and architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s home, Illinois is full of delightful buildings.

7. The People Are Friendly

No state can truly be considered great without having friendly people who live there. In Illinois, you can expect to experience the classic Midwest politeness. People are friendly, and it’s easy to make new friends. This will help you adapt to living in Illinois in no time.

We Make Moving to Illinois Easy!

Don’t move to Illinois without the help of a trusted real estate team. The team at Foley Properties would love to be your guide during this transition! We’ll help you find your dream home and make the adjustment easy.



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